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Welcome to Davis interior design

About Us

Davis Interior Design specializes in providing Interior Design services which include design, space planning, project management, full fit out services, custom furniture design and manufacturing for both residential and commercial projects.

With each project we thrive on creating authentic spaces for each of our clients by bringing the Davis design flare.

Davis Interiors is a Dubai based Interior Design Studio specializing in creating modern interiors for urban developments and contemporary new-builds.

We design and customize bespoke, personalized Interiors that enrich the architecture of the space and enhance the lifestyle of our clients.

What makes us different

At Davis Interior Design, our distinctiveness lies in our unwavering commitment to the core value of genuine care.

What specialties us from many interior design firms, is that we offer a comprehensive range of services, encompassing not only design expertise but also the execution of fit-outs, the crafting of bespoke furniture, and diligent oversight of contractor operations.